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We have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team who have years of experience arranging adventure holidays for families.

Sally Jefferis

Photo of Sally Jefferis

After inter-railing around Europe and overlanding across some of Africa’s more remote destinations, Sally realised her passion for travel and has now been working in the industry for 20+ years. A senior travel consultant at Families Worldwide, Sally’s top experiences are gorilla trekking in Rwanda, bear watching on Vancouver Island, and travelling with her family to Borneo and India.

Rhian Purches

Photo of Rhian Purches

Rhian researches, designs and organises the itineraries for Families Worldwide holidays. She began her career working for the travel industry overseas, living in France, Spain and Australia before returning the UK. Her favourite destinations are Italy, Japan and the USA, and highlights of her travels include seeing the Northern Lights in Norway and meeting orangutans in Borneo.

Steve Nagle

Photo of Steve Nagle

Working as part of the Families Worldwide operations and administration team, Steve moved into adventure travel over 15 years ago after a career in the armed services. He has a great eye for detail, is a keen runner and has travelled extensively. Steve’s children are now grown up but his young grandson keeps him on his toes!

Nick Joynes

Photo of Nick Joynes

Nick spent ten years working in TV before being bitten by the travel bug in the late 90s and embarking on a round-the-world journey. Keen to encourage others to do the same, Nick was instrumental in creating a successful youth expedition company, and has since re-focused on all aspects of the business as a director of Families Worldwide.

Teresa Bennett

Photo of Teresa Bennett

Teresa is one of our directors, and looks after the all-important finances at Families Worldwide. In 2000, she founded Dive Worldwide, a brand of The Natural Travel Collection, of which Families Worldwide is part. She is a lover of wild things and far flung places, and takes as much time as she can to enjoy the wilderness and all that is in it.

Chris Breen

Photo of Chris Breen

Chris founded Wildlife Worldwide in 1992, the first of The Natural Travel Collection’s six brands, of which Families Worldwide is one. He started out managing a lodge and working as a safari guide in Zambia, and is now an inexhaustible font of travel knowledge. One of his greatest travel pleasures has been enjoying the world with his wife and three girls.

Sally Emden

Photo of Sally Emden

Sally has worked for specialist travel companies for over 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge of sales and marketing. Now heading up the marketing team at Families Worldwide, her favourite travel experiences include getting up close to polar bears in Canada, whale-watching in New Zealand and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

Mel Kinder

Photo of Mel Kinder

Mel joined Families Worldwide after gaining valuable marketing experience at a nearby secondary school. There have been many highlights in her travels, however the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia and witnessing a young male tiger swerving to miss her vehicle whilst chasing a chital in Ranthambore come top of the list.

Bret Charman

Photo of Bret Charman

A member of the Marketing team at Families Worldwide, Bret is also an award-winning wildlife photographer. It is the fantastic flora and fauna around Winchester that inspired his love affair with the natural world; he thrives on discovering what’s happening on his local patch, as well as in those more exotic locations further afield.

Estelle Somers

Photo of Estelle Somers

Whilst growing up in South Africa, Estelle developed a deep love for the natural world and travel, and has followed this love throughout her life. With many years of travel industry and digital marketing experience, she is delighted to have the opportunity to combine these skills, looking after various areas of our online marketing.

Henrieta Wiltshire-Munns

Photo of Henrieta Wiltshire-Munns

In a two-tone world of debtors and creditors, accountant Henrieta’s view of life is quite straightforward and uncomplicated – red and black. She arrived in the UK over 20 years ago from Slovakia and previously worked in business travel handling large corporate accounts. Henrieta enjoys cycling and lists Belize and Borneo among her favourite destinations.

Carolyn Neville

Photo of Carolyn Neville

Over her 30 year career in travel Carolyn has held various positions, and applies the vast experience she has accumulated to resolving many of the issues that other people can’t (or won’t!) cope with. The powerhouse behind layers of detailed administrative work, she loves travelling, her highlights being self-driving in Namibia, bear watching on Vancouver Island and kissing grey whales in Baja!

Lizzie Walker Arnott

Photo of Lizzie Walker Arnott

After spending three years as a professional photographer, Lizzie has now joined the Families Worldwide marketing team. With a love for nature, the outdoors and adventure, Lizzie has a growing list of places she wants to visit. The trips on her bucket-list include exploring Norwegian fjords under the northern lights, coming face to face with elephants on safari and watching baby turtles in Costa Rica.