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We specialise in organising family activity holidays to Europe that are designed to be exciting, educational and inspiring. Visit a winter wonderland, delve into history or simply have fun as a family, with a range of activities for all ages and abilities.


Famous for its stunning alpine scenery, Austria is a great holiday destination for active families, with beautiful lakes for canoeing, and mountain trails for cycling and rock climbing.


Discover the Azores, a paradise for adventure loving families, where you can swim in crater lakes, bathe in thermal springs and explore deep canyons and rugged coastlines.


Boasting one of the most picturesque coastlines in the Mediterranean, Croatia offers a variety of family activities, from kayaking in clear rivers and pools, to exploring the historic city of Dubrovnik.

Czech Republic

With an exciting history, ancient castles and beautiful architecture, as well as activities such as hiking, mountain biking and kayaking, the Czech Republic is an ideal destination for a family holiday.


Our family activity holidays in Finland offer winter adventures in a spectacular wilderness, where you can enjoy snowy forests, frozen lakes and the sight of the Northern Lights.


From Greek island hopping and stunning sunsets to vibrant music, dancing and imaginative cuisine, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and the marathon has a lot to inspire active families.


Offering a mix of culture, activity and wild scenery, Iceland is a perfect year-round destination for a family adventure. Enjoy stunning mountains and glaciers, spouting geysers and incredible whale watching.


Italy is the perfect destination for a fun yet educational family holiday. Highlights include exploring Roman ruins and caves, climbing volcanoes, and boat trips to scenic islands.

Malta & Gozo

Right at the heart of the Mediterranean you will find the islands of Malta and Gozo, both offering centuries of culture and history, plus a variety of activities for families to enjoy, on land and in the water.


The jewel of Dalmatia, the small country of Montenegro offers a Mediterranean family adventure amongst picturesque landscapes, stunning coastlines, crystal clear lakes and pretty villages.


Family activity holidays in Norway offer spectacular year-round scenery, with a snowy wonderland for snowshoeing and skiing in the winter, and opportunities for hiking and cycling in the summer.


Home to the historic cities, Poland also has stunning countryside with lakes, rivers and forests to explore. Castles and medieval towns complete the mix to offer a great destination for a varied family holiday.


Slovakia’s dramatic scenery offers a fabulous backdrop for family activity holidays in both winter and summer. Activities include showshoeing, husky sledding, hiking and rafting.


Slovenia's countryside consists of snow-capped mountains, emerald lakes and endless forests, all of which offer a wide range of activities for families to try, including rafting and zip-lining.


Spain offers a variety of beautiful settings for a family adventure holiday, from traditional villages to the picturesque Pyrenees where you can enjoy activities such as hiking, canyoning and rafting.


A family holiday on Turkey’s turquoise coast offers the perfect combination of activity and culture, where you can cycle, hike, kayak, raft or enjoy a leisurely boat trip to a sunken city.