Family Adventure Holidays to the Middle East

At Families Worldwide, we specialise in organising adventurous family holidays to the Middle East and the rest of the world. Our trips are not only exciting, but can also be educational and inspiring and are sure to be full of experiences that your family will never forget!

Click on the countries below to view our various Middle East family activity & adventure holidays.



Family Adventure Holidays to the Middle East - Jordan

The hospitable people of this Middle East kingdom will offer a warm welcome to you and your family. Adventure will come from the stunning desert scenery. This is Lawrence of Arabia territory, including the majestic Wadi Rum and the incomparable rock city of Petra. And if you want to relax: just float in the Dead Sea. Our Jordan family adventure and activity holidays are shown below:


Family Adventure Holidays to the Middle East - Oman

Scenically stunning and culturally fascinating Oman is a brilliant family introduction to the Arabian Peninsular and islamic world.

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