Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park

Covering over 65,000 square kilometres, the park is one of the oldest jungles in Southeast Asia - over 150 million years old! It is full of wildlife, including elephant, gibbon, bear and langur. There are even tigers here, though it is very rare to see them. There are countless bird species too, as well as butterflies, and literally thousands of types of plants.

A great way to see Khao Sok National Park is on the back of an elephant. Normally, two people ride each elephant and its master (or mahout) will lead you along a trail. There's plenty to see along the way (look out for the rubber cups on the trees in the rubber plantation) but the fun of it all is the weird feeling of lolloping along, and seeing friends and family riding along on an elephant near you. Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys playing in the trees too, and for hornbills and kingfishers.