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Brazilian Amazon

The Amazon Basin is the world’s largest river basin. It is believed to be the oldest tropical forest in the world and is made up of millions of species of plants and animals, also making it the most diverse ecosystem in the world.

Its biodiversity is astounding: a single bush in the Amazon may have more species of ants than the entire British Isles, while a lone hectare of forest may have more than 480 species of trees. Mammals you’ll find include the world’s largest rodent, the capybara. Other residents include jaguar, tapir, monkeys, deer and otters.

Over 1,500 bird species are found in the Amazon Basin, of which many are migrants. Macaws gather in flocks of thousands and reptiles and fish species also number the thousands with famous residents being the anaconda and fearsome piranha. It is a unique chance to experience the lush foliage of the jungle, listen to the raucous calls of the creatures within and see the bright colours of the flowering plants and butterflies.