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Annabel Heap - Feluccas and Pyramids Trip May 2007

Egyptian statues, Family Activity Holiday EgyptAccompanying me on this trip were my 2 children, Molly and Florence, aged 9 and 7, and the Brown family - 2 adults and 2 children (girls aged 12 and 9).

It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I booked myself and my two children on this trip to Egypt. As a single girl I had travelled extensively but, since having children, my trips abroad have been limited to bucket and spade or 'villa with pool' holidays! And now, here I was, taking my precious girls into unknown territory - the heat, the cultural differences, the food and the injections - would they thank me for ?

The reality surpassed my expectations and put my fears to rest. Travelling alone with the girls I had worried about my one pair of hands not being enough. But from the moment we were met at the airport by our tour leader I knew it would all be ok. We were accompanied, guided, helped and looked after 24/7. In fact, it was one of the easiest trips I have done with my children, as most of the responsibility was taken out of our hands and we were left to relax and enjoy.Egypt Kids in Pool

There was plenty of sightseeing along the way. As it was hot, most excursions were done early in the day but there was always time scheduled in for rest and relaxation by a pool. This gave a nice balance of cultural experience and relaxation for the kids to play or have a sleep.

The best thing about travelling with Families Worldwide is their ability to understand children and to adapt things so that they, and their parents, get the best out of the holiday. For example, the majority of tourists go to the Valley of the Kings by coach or minibus. But we travelled by donkey as local people would have done in ancient times. When you see everyone else getting back into their coaches, you feel like you've experienced the REAL egypt, as you mount your donkey and head off into the hills! This was not only hilarious at times but also a fantastic way to see the real Egypt as we rode along rough tracks alongside small villages. Children ran out to wave at us and those working the land stopped to have a look and a smile at the spectacle of us jogging along on our donkeys!

Likewise our visit to ancient Coptic monastery of St Simeon was made by the fact that we travelled there by camel. The kids loved this - and so did the adults!

Egypt Family Shot Felucca, Family Activity Holiday Egypt

The Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Arrived in Cairo, Transfer to hotel Nabil, downtown Cairo (Giza)
  • Day 2 - Minibus to the pyramids, Drive to the Sphinx, Visit to Papyrus making workshop, Visit two churches, Free afternoon - swimming pool, Overnight train to Aswan
  • Day 3 - Arrive Aswan, Transfer to Isis hotel, Optional trip to Philae temple, Unfinished Obilisque and Aswan Dam, Free evening
  • Day 4 - Camel trip, Boat ride across the Nile, Camel trek up to Tombs of the Nobles, Monastery of St Simeon and back to Nile, boat transfer back to hotel, Free Afternoon , Boat across Nile to Nubian Village for meal
  • Day 5 - Set sail on Felucca, Lunch on board Felucca, Stop for a swim! Arrive at mooring for evening, Had dinner aboard Felucca
  • Day 6 - Set sail on Felucca to Kom Ombo Temple, Joined convoy to Luxor, Remainder of the day free in Luxor
  • Day 7 - Early start for balloon trip!! Journey by donkey to Valley of the Kings, Minibus to Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, Free afternoon for a welcomed rest, Departed on train for Cairo in the evening
  • Day 8 - Transfer to Nubil Hotel in Cairo, Trip to the museum, Free afternoon (spent swimming in the hotel pool), Afternoon trip to bazaar
  • Day 9 - Departed Cairo on Egypt Air flight for Heathrow, back to soggy Blighty!

Hot Air Balloon, Family Activity Holiday Egypt Camel riding, Family Activity Holiday Egypt Egypt Hieroglyphs, Family Activity Holiday Egypt


There are 18 million people in Cairo! It is very busy, noisy, polluted and dirty! But it is also very exciting. The bazaars are very busy and have a great atmosphere. The museum is well worth a visit and could fill a whole day. Car horns go all day and night and taxi rides can be quite hair raising!


This has a lovely feel to it, much quieter than Cairo and dominated by the Nile. A caleche ride is a great way to see this town. For eating out we went to the Aswan Moon which is situated on the Nile and has great views and a wide range of foods available.

The excursions

The favourites for the children were the donkey ride, camel ride, felucca and the balloon trip. All of these things helped to spice up and balance out the sightseeing and ancient history. The optional trip to the Philae temple is definitely worth doing as was the balloon trip.

Special mention for the Tour leader

Egypt FEFP Tour LeaderNicknamed 'Ned' for short this guy was amazing both as a tour leader and a childminder!! All the girls on the trip adopted him and as parents we barely got a look in when Ned was around. He truly loves children and would happily keep them amused for hours out of choice rather than duty. He comes highly recommended!