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Using Pokemon Go as a travel app

Pokemon mania is sweeping the world. While our trips are designed to get you back to nature and away from technology, we can't help but love the way Pokemon Go has families exploring their own neighbourhoods and further afield together. Anything that encourages us to get active outside and see a part of the world we have never seen before, even if it just around the corner from our homes, can only be a good thing.

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Find hidden spots

Using it sensibly, Pokemon Go can take you beyond the normal tourist streets, attracting you to hidden spots, restaurants, parks and art that you may not find in the guidebooks. Local points of interest are labelled as Pokestops, where you can claim free gifts that help you proceed in the game. With the built in map, you should be able to navigate yourself quite easily. Of course, still head local advice from your guide about where is safe to visit.

Explore your destination the slow way

To play Pokemon Go you have to move slow enough for the game to register your steps. Taking to the streets by foot, you'll see a lot more, be more involved in local life and will have time to take in and appreciate your surroundings. At Pokestops you receive eggs that need to be incubated. The incubation period is a certain number of kilometres you need to walk, so you may find you suddenly have some very eager children who can't wait to walk everywhere.

Server crashes might provide the perfect respite

There are so many users of Pokemon Go around the world that the servers can't keep up. You might find you can't log in to the app at times, at which time you'll have already made the journey out to a new neighbourhood or have enticed the children out for a walk. Take advantage of the downtime and take a look around without your screen!

Have fun, be respectful of where you play (don't trespass and avoid sensitive locations), keep away from cliffs, don't walk into any trees and supervise your children - and get out and explore with Pokemon Go!