Family Safari Tips

Family Safari Tips

Families on safari - our best tips

"Travelling on safari will always go down as one of the most memorable holidays we've ever taken as a family. My children still refer back to those special moments in a remote village school in Tanzania and I'll never forget seeing their faces as they saw their first sighting of elephants in the wild.

The top wildlife locations for kids would have to be Tanzania and Zambia because of the diversity they offer and the quality of the accommodation and guides (this is especially important when you are travelling with children). We work with some really great lodges and camps across all of our African safaris."

What happens when you are on safari?

Most days will be an early start as this time of the day is the best time to see wildlife and can be, if you are travelling at a hot time of year, refreshingly cool. Return to camp for some brunch and free time. Head back out on safari mid-afternoon until sunset.

You get up close to amazing wildlife

Safaris are fantastic! Join us on a wonderful wildlife safari amongst the wildebeest of Tanzania's Serengeti.

What gear do I need to take?

Not a lot really. We detail it all on our Trip Dossiers, but basically you may find binoculars, a camera, a hat and suitable coloured clothing very useful. On some trips you might need a sleeping bag. Quality tents and sleeping mats (or camp beds), food, cooking and eating utensils and drinking water will all be provided if you are camping.

What is the accommodation like?

On our scheduled group tour departures it is a choice of camping or lodges, with some trips offering a combination. Of course if we are tailor-making a holiday for you the options are almost endless! If you prefer a lodge you will often get a pool and a few other facilities, with some of those we offer being luxuriously appointed with amazing views. If camping, you are generally closer to the action and will really get to hear and smell the African bush. You will probably want to be a bit more active and help out with a few chores in camp. Many of our safari holidays give you the chance to spend a few days on the beach at the end. Our day-by-day Trip Dossiers provide the details but please ask one of our consultants for more information.

Top tips for travelling on safari with kids:

  • Make sure each person has their own pair of binoculars (they don't need to be expensive ones) but each child needs to be able to look at what they want, when they want, through their own binoculars - you will have fights and disappointed kids otherwise!
  • Make sure they each have a digital camera - they are cheap these days and will help to record some wonderful memories for the children.
  • Take drawing pad and colouring pencils - brilliant for having round camp and recording what you have seen on safari.

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