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Grown Up Family Units (GUFUs)

GUFUs are grown-up-family-units that love to travel together. And it's not unusual! We get lots of families join us with older kids, younger kids, grown-up kids and anyone else in between. Whatever the shape and size of your family, you are welcome to join us and we'll make sure your trip has something for you all.

Look out for our early and late season GUFU departures in June, July and September and take advantage of lower airfares.

All holiday suggestions:

Costa Rica - Active Costa Rica | 9 days

Active Costa Rica
Group - Active Costa Rica | 9 days

Go on a family adventure holiday to exotic Costa Rica. Explore the rainforest by zip-wire, enjoy the exhilarating wet and wild white-water rafting experience and go on a family mountain biking trip on the edge of an active volcano.

Jordan - Adventure To Petra | 8 days

Adventure To Petra
Group - Adventure To Petra | 8 days

Discover the amazing rock-cut city of Petra on this family adventure holiday. Explore the dramatic desert in Wadi Rum, see Crusader castles and Roman cities.

Namibia - Cheetahs & Dunes | 13 days

Cheetahs & Dunes
Group - Cheetahs & Dunes | 13 days

On this family safari holiday to Africa you'll experience a wide variety of activities. See fantastic game like zebra and black rhino, climb some of Africa's highest sand dunes, explore the Namib Desert, and go dolphin-watching.

Peru - Adventure in the Andes | 10 days

Adventure in the Andes
Group - Adventure in the Andes | 10 days

The fantastic contrasts of Peru makes it a mind-blowing family adventure holiday. From Andean peaks to coastal desert, the Inca wonders of Machu Picchu to the colourful present day inhabitants of Cusco, you are spoilt for choice.

Sri Lanka - Ceylon Discovery | 14 days

Ceylon Discovery
Group - Ceylon Discovery |  14 days

Enjoy the beach, local culture, ancient Buddhist sites and cool highlands, visit a tea plantation, see elephants in the wild and much more all on our fantastic Ceylon Discovery family adventure holiday.

Tanzania - Swahili Coast & Safari | 11 days

Swahili Coast & Safari
Group - Swahili Coast & Safari | 11 days

This family safari holiday to Tanzania is one of our favourite and most popular trips. You and your family will experience the best of the southern circuit, travelling by 4WD and by train as you venture into rural Tanzania. You'll visit the largest game reserve in Africa and see amazing wildlife roaming freely.

Thailand - Rainforests & Islands | 10 days

Rainforests & Islands
Group - Rainforests & Islands | 10 days

A family adventure holiday relaxing on idyllic island beaches, sea-kayaking along a dramatic coast, staying in an atmospheric rainforest lodge and snorkelling in clear waters over colourful coral.

Turkey - Active Turkey | 8 days

Active Turkey
Group - Active Turkey | 8 days

This family adventure holiday in Turkey is packed with discovery, learning & activity. Shoot down the rapids white-water rafting, see 2,000 year old flames at Mt Chimaera and go snorkelling in the clear waters of the lagoon.

Vietnam - Vietnam Adventure | 12 days

Vietnam Adventure
Group - Vietnam Adventure | 12 days

Experience true Vietnam on a family activity holiday that takes you to the historic capital of Hanoi, cycling through beautiful countryside in the north, cruising and kayaking in Halong Bay and exploring the old port of Hoi An.

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