Clothing and Equipment List


Atlas Mule Train


A set of light casual clothes will be useful in Marrakech on this holiday. While in the mountains, you must not worry about how you look: comfort and protection against bad weather and the sun are of prime importance. Because mountain weather is so variable, we recommend a number of thin layers rather than a few thick ones. Take old well-worn clothes rather than expensive new ones, since they will probably get rough treatment on trek.

In mountain areas conditions can change quickly without warning so you must ensure that you are prepared.  In the Autumn, Winter and Spring (Feb-May), bring warm, windproof and waterproof clothing. The weather can change from hot sunshine to snow or hail and back again within hours, so please prepare for all eventualities.



·          Passport - including appropriate visas

·          Photocopies of all documents (keep separate)

·          Airline tickets

·          Additional passport photos

·          Travel insurance details

·          Emergency contact numbers

·          Trip information and itinerary

·          Cash, credit/debit cards, money security belt/pouch



·          Walking boots or sturdy walking shoes

·          Trainers or strong sandals (all purpose wear)

·          T-shirts

·          Long sleeved shirt

·          Long walking trousers

·          Shorts/short trousers**

·          Tracksuit bottoms or similar

·          Thin fleece (summer); Thick fleece (winter & spring)

·          Warm jacket

·          Lightweight waterproof jacket

·          Waterproof trousers (winter & spring)

·          Thermal underwear (winter & spring)

·          Warm hat and gloves (winter & spring)

·          Sunhat (styled to cover face, ears and neck)

·          Swimwear (optional)        



·          Soft-sided bag (50-80 litres)

·          Sleeping bag*

·          Lightweight daypack

·          Sleeping bag liner (cotton or silk)

·          Sunglasses

·          Camera, memory card(s)

·          Universal travel adaptor

·          Insect repellent (with high DEET content)

·          Personal first aid kit

·          Washing kit (wet wipes and dry anti-bacterial hand wash)

·          Loo kit (toilet paper/tissues

·          Sunscreen

·          Torch and batteries

·          Towel

·          Bicycle helmet (recommended for children riding on mules)

·          Travel pillow or small cotton pillow case (pop in towel for pillow)

·          Small kite - great in the mountains or Essaouira


* 2-season sleeping bag is recommended Jul-Aug, 3-4 season at other times of year. Sleeping bags are available to hire for MAD 60 per day – please request at time of booking (to be paid locally).

** Shorts/ short trousers: are fine for children, but we recommend adults cover their legs (at least to the knee) and upper arms.


The following items can also be useful:


·          Face wipes

·          Moisturising cream

·          Snacks/energy bars

·          Padlock for your bags

·          Small mirror

·          Spare glasses/contact lenses

·          Earplugs (against snorers!)

·          Cold water travel wash (preferably biodegradable)

·          Binoculars


These items are also useful but don’t pack them in your hand luggage – put them in your main bag only!


·          Penknife/small scissors

·          Safety pins

·          Small sewing/repair kit

·          Nail clippers


Personal First Aid Kit
Your tour leader will be first aid trained and will carry a first aid kit. However, we recommend that you carry a small first aid kit for personal use. This could contain things like plasters, sterile dressings and bandages, a blister kit, pain killers e.g. paracetamol and ibuprofen, antiseptic cream, antihistamine cream (for insect bites), sunburn cream, anti-diarrhoea pills e.g. Imodium or Lomotil and rehydration salts e.g. dioralyte.

Please ensure you carry essential personal medication in your hand luggage rather than checked in bags. You may require a letter from your Doctor confirming this medication is for you.


For details regarding hand luggage restrictions please visit