Malta & Gozo Family Activity Holidays

Discover the delights of sleepy Gozo, the Blue Lagoon on tiny Comino and the rugged coast of Malta, plus 7,000 years of history and culture too. With a pleasing Mediterranean climate these small islands are more varied than you think. Affordable and within easy reach, Malta is served by a number of budget airlines with regional departures from various UK airports. Perfect for leisurely walking.

Our family activity and adventure holidays in Malta and Gozo are shown below:

Family holidays in Malta & Gozo

Families Worldwide has created a unique active family holiday to Malta & Gozo. Enjoy a fantastic variety of activities on land and in the water - explore bays and caves by sea-kayak, go mountain biking along the coast and through, try climbing and abseiling, snorkelling and swimming.

"We were looking for a fun family holiday that would keep our two teenagers engaged and active. Our trip to Gozo was exactly what we were hoping for. We enjoyed all the activities, but also appreciated some chill-out and relax time."
The Gorringe Family, August 2016

The island of Gozo is the perfect place to escape the crowds and moves at a much slower pace than its busier neighbour, Malta. Hidden coves, sandy beaches, sculptured coastal cliffs and beautiful hilly landscapes provide an ideal setting for a fun family holiday. Gozo also offers history through its medieval citadels and temples. Nearby Comino, wedged between Malta and Gozo and free of cars, was reportedly a hideout for pirates and smugglers and is home to the stunning Blue Lagoon.

Holiday ideas for Holidays to Malta & Gozo in Malta & Gozo

Active Gozo | 8 days

Malta & Gozo Family Activity Holidays - Group - Active Gozo | 8 days

An family adventure holiday on both land and water. Come on our activity holiday to Malta and Gozo as you cycle coastal paths, abseil down rocks, and explore caves by kayak.

Guided Group Family Adventure Holiday
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