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Should You Visit Burma with Kids? Yes - Here’s Why…

Now is the time to visit marvellous Myanmar (Burma), a country full of temples, mountains and traditional communities. And the best thing? It hasn’t yet been spoiled by mass tourism and Western influence. To truly experience and understand the traditional ways of Asia, book your family adventure holiday to this untouched country where previously inaccessible areas are now opening up and have so much to offer. Myanmar is a perfect destination to visit with kids because it will really open their eyes to how time once was, and they can feel like one of the locals when they cook traditional food and make their own pottery. Burmese people are fantastically welcoming, even more so with children. Read our top reasons for visiting Myanmar with kids:

Give your children the opportunity to witness a way of life that no longer exists in many places. Experiencing life without the technology that they have grown up with will be an astonishing change from what they take for granted, and surrounded by Yangon’s ancient colonial-era buildings it will feel like they’ve travelled back in time!

Making friends with the local children is a fantastic experience for children – Burmese people are known for being extremely friendly and welcoming people, and your kids will love hanging out and playing football and games in local villages with other children. Our Myanmar Discovery trip includes a visit to a Monastic School that offers free education to disadvantaged children.

Exploring markets will delight the senses of kids and adults alike – stall holders will come out to say hello and offer sweet snacks to your kids. Your children will love seeing the weird and wonderful market produce, from stingrays to rat kebabs!

Kids can stay active at the same time as experiencing historical culture – Bagan is brimming with hidden temples and statues and is also flat, making it ideal for families to cycle around the ruins and choose the best temples for a game of hide and seek they’ll remember forever.

Burmese people are genuine, warm-hearted people who will always want to help you, and hardly anyone will try to short-change you when you’re making a purchase, which is a common issue in other countries. You can relax and enjoy interaction with people genuinely fascinated by your presence.

Buddhism is an important part of this unique country’s charm and it’s great for kids to witness such a positive lifestyle – everywhere on the streets and in temples there are Buddhist nuns and monks in traditional, colourful robes, and the magical, gleaming Shwedagon Pagoda is a fantastic example of cultural and religious significance to the Burmese people.

As with many South East Asian countries it can be easy to become ‘templed out’, so we make sure that each day of your holiday offers varied activities: in Myanmar kids will love exploring their creative side as they learn how to prepare a traditional Burmese meal and have a go at making their own clay souvenir in an authentic pottery village.

So hurry, before it’s too late, and book your trip to this beautiful undiscovered corner of the planet which is still Starbucks-free…for now!

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