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10 Tips for Visiting the Amazon Rainforest as a Family

The Amazon is a place of almost mythical status and an amazing family adventure holiday destination with an unrivalled diversity of wildlife. Visiting this part of the world will be a fantastic experience for your kids, so to ensure that you and they have the best and most memorable trip possible we?ve got some expert advice for travelling families.

1. For this climate, pack light-weight, loose fitting and comfortable clothing and a light fleece for cooler evenings. The dry season is from May to September, with almost all of the rain falling outside this time. Average midday temperatures range from 27°C to 32°C.

2. Take it easy – our trips to the Amazon ensure that activities are spread out and do not take up the entire day, giving you and your kids time to relax without too much moving around.

3. Get your kids involved before the trip – if your children help you prepare for the holiday beforehand it will have a fantastic effect on their overall experience. Most kids will have learnt a bit about the Amazon ecosystem at school so this will really be brought to life for them on the trip.

4. Make wildlife and birdlife checklists for your kids to take when you go exploring the rainforest. Let them take their own photos and keep a travel journal of what they’ve seen and been up to.

5. Travel by boat – rainforest walks can be very tiring so exploring by boat and by kayak is a great alternative means of transport. Enjoy a night trip by motorised canoe to appreciate the sounds of the jungle at night and take a boat trip down the Negro River to the Meeting of the Waters, passing by stilt houses along the way.

6. Travelling with other families who have kids of a similar age will really enhance the experience for kids and parents. Kids will make friends and entertain each other enabling parents to enjoy different aspects of the trip.

7. Bring puzzle books, toys and games to keep your kids entertained on the longer transit journeys.

8. Pack lots of high factor sun cream (the tropical sun is strong) and mosquito repellent with DEET – it goes without saying that there are lots of insects in the rainforest.

9. Stay hydrated – being active in a hot, humid climate can potentially lead to dehydration if you don’t drink plenty of water. Keep a bottle of water on you all the time.

10. Have fun! Your guide is there to take care of you, give you a fantastic rainforest experience and solve any potential problems and worries. Enjoy a unique, other-worldly experience with your kids, knowing that your every need is taken care of to ensure that you have the best rainforest adventure possible.

Inspired? Let us take you there

The Amazon Basin spans several South American countries and we can tailor make your trip to Brazil, Ecuador or Peru to include a few days here as part of your holiday – or add it as an extension to the end of a guided group trip.

Read about our Rio and Amazon suggested itinerary, or tailor make your own holiday to Brazil.

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