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Adventures in the Snow

Ffion and her mother Heather are winter activity addicts and share their experiences here.

'Imagine total silence. The kind that you can only hear because everything is covered under a thick glistening blanket of snow. As far as the eye can see, fir trees heavily laden with snow stand out starkly against the landscape. Having just enjoyed a hot chocolate, I’m warm and cosy, wrapped up in thick, soft reindeer skins snuggled up with Ffion. The reindeers paw the snow impatiently, their warm breath escaping in clouds of condensation. I listen to the singsong lilt of our guides as they chat. I’m excited. There is a butterfly flutter of anticipation in my stomach and we’re off!

Our tracks cut through the virgin snow as trees fly by. Something is missing, I realise there’s no sound of motors, just sleds making that particular ‘whoosh’ sound as they slice through the snow. Suddenly we are surrounded by a vast open vista, completely white. We’re actually on top of a frozen lake. On the other side, we are guided to a tepee in the woods. We crawl into the dark cosy space around a fire and roast delicious sausages.

Nothing could prepare us for the dog-sledding. It was such fun! We set off under blue skies with just the sound of the dogs panting and the swishing sound of the snow. Initially I controlled the sledge and Ffion sat in a semi enclosed space. Then Ffion, a dog lover, had the experience of her life. She took over from me – which she was a bit worried about because there were so many instructions to remember – but it came so naturally and the dogs knew what they were doing. We returned exhilarated; the ride of a lifetime. And at the end we were allowed to cuddle the husky puppies!'