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13 reasons why Iceland is perfect for a family holiday

The Blue Lagoon, Icelandic sheep, whale watching, friendly people, impressive scenery - the list is endless.

  1. There is more than double the number of sheep than humans. In other words – not that many people live here and they wear a lot of wooly jumpers. You don’t have to drive far to feel like you’re all alone in the wilderness.
  2. Iceland has its own unique breed of horse that can’t be found anywhere else. It has two more gaits than a normal horse – the tolt and the flying pace.
  3. Iceland is the perfect place for whale watching. Over 20 species of whale can be seen in the summer months. See our choice of family holidays to Iceland
  4. Geothermal energy powers lots of Iceland but you’ll have the most fun experiencing it at the famous Blue Lagoon.
  5. Even though it was the last European land mass to be settled, it was home to the first ever parliament, which the Vikings started in 930 AD. There’s loads of history to be learned here and evidence of the past cultures is everywhere.
  6. Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. The phenomenon happens when particles emitted by the sun interact with the earth’s magnetic field, releasing energy that we see as green streaks in the sky.
  7. Most people speak excellent English and the roads are quiet and well-maintained.
  8. There is a huge selection of bike trails, whether you want to take a wide, flat path through the plains or challenge yourself with a hill on your mountain bike.
  9. More people in Iceland believe in trolls and fairies than any other organised religion. They’re supposed to be hiding behind rocks, waterfalls and in glaciers and volcanoes. Will you find any hiding in the grottos?
  10. It’s a really family-friendly country. Iceland supports family values and hotels and restaurants are very welcoming of children.
  11. If you learn how to properly pronounce the names of where you’re visiting your friends will be very impressed.
  12. You can try a completely new cuisine. Traditional Icelandic fare includes pickled, salted, cured or smoked fish. They would also have to eat the whole animal in order to survive the winter months, so you might see singed sheep heads or puffin on the menu. Nowadays, freshly caught fish is a staple from the rich fishing grounds of the North Atlantic. Lamb is also widely eaten. Vegetables and herbs are grown in greenhouses heated by geothermal energy. Make sure to try pylsa – Iceland’s favourite street food, the hot dog, eaten with crunchy friend onions, ketchup, sweet mustard, raw onions and curry sauce.
  13. The scenery is so impressive. Ginormous waterfalls, towering active volcanoes, expansive plains and creaking glaciers – the landscape in Iceland is jaw-dropping no matter what time of year you visit.

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