Tanzania - Land Rover Suite

You've heard of heading on a safari in a Land Rover - but have you ever spent the night in one? Read on to hear about this unusual pop-up suite that gives fantastic flexibility on safari.

Staying in the Bush Rover

  • What is it?:

    Well, it's the coolest innovation in nomadic safaris since the camel. The ultimate in bush chic, but with all the nuts and bolts practicalities to save the universe. It is a full working Land Rover, with its glorious lines and bush worn lumps and bumps, but once in situ, it folds out, as graceful as a swallowtail, into a stunning home.

    From the beautiful elevated bedroom, with balcony overlooking whatever view we deem best at the time, to the teak panelled bathroom, in the back of the car, no screw has been left unturned to smooth your wilderness living.

    It carries its own solar panels which are used to power lights; sockets for charging your batteries; a water pump to fill your bath (pictured above) in just four minutes, heating the water you lie in to perfection.

  • Where did the idea come from?:

    In a moment of apparent madness, David Guthrie and his engineering guru, long-term business partner and great friend Masa Kilanga, decided to take a Land Rover and convert it into a luxury room. If it worked, it would be fabulously mobile, extremely practical, and environmentally sound because it removes the need for convoys of large trucks moving the equipment around, and because it is entirely solar powered in situ. It has worked better than they could ever have hoped, and is set to change the way mobile safaris are run.

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