Lisu Lodge

Chiang Mai

Lisu Lodge is an award winning lodge located in North Thailand. The lodge is on the edge of a Lisu village, 30 miles north of Chiang Mai.

Staying at the Lisu Lodge

Lisu Lodge is a fine base for a magical blend of adventure, relaxation and insight. It's great for families. Plus Lisu Lodge is part of a community-based project that aims to conserve the natural heritage of the hill tribes. The lodge was designed to blend in with the houses in the area. The rooms have a thatched roof, rattan floors and woven bamboo walls.
  • Rooms: 6 rooms in total
  • Room amendities: Comfy matresses on a hill-tribe style bamboo sleeping platform, mosquito net, fan, table, en-suite bathroom. Shared living/dining area.
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